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Home Page

Get someone who's never seen your website. Bring up your site for them and count to 5 and then close the site. Ask them who the company is and what they are selling. If they can't answer either of these questions your website has some serious issues that need to be fixed immediately. Ask them anything else they may have noticed. Ask them if they would buy from this site.

Display a nicely designed logo that is easy to read and communicates who you are.

Display a tagline under your logo that communicates what you sell and why your company is different from others.

If you have a slider please upload the image/s, content and the pages where it will link to

On the home page feature one or rotating testimonials. Include a link to a page with all your testimonials. It will add an additional level of comfort for shoppers.
Page - Why Shop with us

Include a page that lists all the reasons why someone should buy from your site and not a competitors.
Page - Contact

Show a large phone number in the header of the site. Have a contact us page in your main navigation that includes, phone, email, address and any other means of contacting the company.
Page - Privacy

Always include an easy to read privacy policy. You can link to this page from the footer of your page. Be sure it's not too long and quickly spells out what personal information you're tracking and keeping.
Page - Return and exchange policy

Can an easy to find link to a return and exchange policy. Make your return policy easy to understand and easy to execute.
Page - FAQs

An extensive FAQs page is a must. Try to answer as many questions on this page as you can. Think of the questions you have while visiting other ecommerce websites.
Search Optimisation

What do you think your prospective customer will type in in order to stumble across your website?
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"Nice-To-Have" Features

These are additional, if you select any options from here we will be in touch and let you know cost & project details.
Wish List functionality
Email me when back in stock functionality
Gift wrapping
Affiliate program
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